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Small and Medium Business Network Support

We provide services for wired and wireless networks

Install Routers, Wireless Routers, Switches, &  Servers

Install Cable Wiring and Hardware

Provide Remote Service Administration & Security

Install & Maintain Network Software

Installation and Upgrades

We Provide Enterprise Virus and Spyware Removal Products

Pretty much every computer owner or user understands the threat of viruses and spyware, but truly are not aware of the types of malware that are left behind to track their computer use.  Computer Networks are just as vulnerable and can be affected on a far broader scale.  The world can be malicious enough and granted the highest percentages of people are good outstanding citizens going about their own business. However it's the rest that cause the major damage and their intent is not well intended at all.  There are so many ways to infect computers networks that is takes a well planned defense to ensure your home or business is not open to attack or manipulation.  Every computer network is not he same and needs to built to a customers needs and demand while protecting themselves and their valued customers as well.

Even a simple wireless router without security allows other people close to you to use your network.  It only takes one person to use that network in the wrong manner to cause damage, or harm to yourself or someone else.

Here is an example:  We went on a call in Ft Walton Beach to fix a computer, our client didn't have a clue about computer security, and his neighbor’s teenage son was using our client wireless network to store bad files on our clients’ computer.  We found this problem, applied security on the router, installed a client firewall and the neighbor's son in Fort Walton no longer had access to the wireless network.

Do you feel like you are well protected?  Call us today and learn more today, we are Destin, Florida's help desk.